Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Time for a Revolution

I have some nagging concerns on the climate change debate. There is this whole carry on about how much should be done and will emission ceiling hurt the economy. From what I have read over the last couple of decades we have lost our opportunity to do little bits at a time because we did nothing for so long... It is now time for a behavioral environmental revolution!

We need a leader with some backbone to make quick firm decisions before we are in a catastrophic spiral down. The Government must give direction with strict reduction targets on a short time line. Yes, this will mean economic disruption but so will our current path only the current path will be devastating while real reductions and a total approach to the environmental file will create new jobs and a chance for Canada to be in the lead with new world friendly solutions.

When I hear the idea of using intensity targets I feel the decision makers have missed the message altogether. We need a zero increase in emissions. Those who can’t meet their mandated emission reduction targets should be allowed to use carbon trading. This is not to allow them to not have reduction but to give them a little more time to reach the reduction target. It makes sense for us to look at all levels of government in other jurisdictions to see their good ideas and adopt them. The future changes will need to change everyone’s behavior or we will not be successful. This is why we need a strong leader to force the revolution the necessary hard unpopular decisions are made, consistently explained and rapidly implemented.

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