Thursday, May 28, 2009


Abandoning Canadian Leadership

There is talk today the Conservatives want to sell off another of our leadership industries. They have been systematically undermining the ability to keep our nuclear industry as a world leader. They have been constantly under funding the research and earlier they cancelled the Maple Leaf project. Now our reactor is down that makes so much of the world's medical isotope they are ready to abandon it rather than buil a new modern one. The Harper Government does nothing but belittle our great industrial heritage. We need a government that will stand up for our scientists and the future of our industrial leadership.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Systematic Environmental Degradation

The Government has targeted the environment in its budget package. The Conservatives weakened laws that protect waterways and fisheries by undermining the Navigable Waters Protection Act. The amendments had no place in the budget and should have been debated separately as a change to environmental assessment policy. Also Federal environment Minister Jim Prentice announced that Ottawa would eliminate environmental assessments from90% of the "Building Canada" stimulus plan.Under the cover of job creation the Conservatives are reversing our environmental protection.
We stand to lose many of our steams and rivers to unfetter pollution.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Tories Continue Anti-Enviroment Campaign

Last week we saw additional evidence that the Harper Tories have no intention of protecting the Canada's environment. Environmental Commissioner Scott Vaughan reported the Governments 's environmental programmes would not get the results the Tories claimed. At the same time Environment Minister Jim Prentice's goes to Washington to object to the new U.S. act that would impose charges on imports from countries with weaker emission regulations. As we have such water down targets obviously Prentice went to complain about these "boarder adjustments" because Tories have no environmental protection plans.
Lets get a new Government that will put in strong environmental legislation and turn back all the Tory cancellations like the changes to the Navigable Waters Act.

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