Monday, November 26, 2007

Two Big Carbon Sinks

In Canada we sit on two huge depositories of climate change gases. The first is can be found in our boreal forests peat bogs. The disturbance of these bogs by lumbering operations releases the trapped CO2 gases adding to the green house gas effect. The second is the permafrost in our north. As we experience a warming climate the permafrost melts releasing the methane gases trapped in the ground for which scientists have not been able to calibrate the escalating effect the released methane will have on the warming climate.
We are in a double bind with the Harper Government doing all it can to prevent the true cutting of green house gases by making sure no agreements are reached to set binding targets and the continued destruction of our Boreal forest as the provinces keep issuing more clear cut licenses.
From all I read we are running out of time and yet our Governments are twiddling their thumbs.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Harper’s Neo-conservatism shows this Week.

I am not surprised by the Harper’s government’s reversal of Canada’s long standing sponsorship of the United Nations resolution to have a moratorium of the death penalty. What I am surprised about is that they say Canada will still vote in favour of the resolution. How can you not support and support the death penalty. The real answer is that the Conservative government supports the death penalty and that is why Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day announced that Canada supports the death penalty of a Canadian on death row in Montana. His announcement in the House of Commons this week means that Canada would not come to defense of a Canadian on death row which is a first in recent Canadian history. It is my view that to not oppose something is to show support it and to not oppose the death penalty for a Canadian is verification of this change in Canadian policy. This is a giant step backwards for a Just Canadian Society

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Steven Harper misleads Canadians

Last night I was watching "Missing" on the History channel. There was a clip of Harper speaking a the Vimy rededication ceremony talking about the freedoms the men fought and died for and therefore how we as a nation are indebted to them. Obviously the right to freedom of speech does not apply to Conservative candidates. We have a Prime Minister who makes a mockery of the sacrifices made by our for fathers. .

Monday, November 05, 2007

Harper has insulted all Canadians.
Stephen Harper told us as Canadians we are failures because we can not meet or even try to meet our international commitments to meet the Kyoto targets. I feel he does not believe in the ingenuity, creativity, dedication and determination of Canadians to find ways to achieve goals that seem impossible. As a nation we have always met our international commitment and demonstrated we are capable of being world leaders. On November 11th we will recognize the ability of Canadians to do just that. I believe that given the leadership we could have gone a long way to meet the Kyoto targets because “WE ARE CANADIAN”.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Environment abandoned by the McGuinty Liberals

I was watching the CBC new on Wednesday evening and saw the piece called “Bye, Bye Birdy”. It talked about the disappearance of a large number of our song birds. One of the factors pointed out was the loss of habitat.
Ontario’s boreal forests are a key nesting area for millions of these birds yet there was a noticeable lack of discussion about our diminishing boreal forests in the recent election. In 2003 McGuinty promised a plan before any further exploitation would take place this promise was broken and now seems to been totally forgotten. Each time we lose a habitat that endangers a species closer we come to a loss of the components that keep us healthy. There needs to be a full and rigorous review of our exploitation of northern resources to ensure sustainability of our environments to combat global warming.

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