Thursday, March 26, 2009


Conservatives Hate Canadianism

The lack of support for the CBC is to be expected from the Liberals. After all in the last election they ran on a policy of cutting cultural subsidies. Now our television industry as a whole is in trouble they have no desire to help it out. They will however, give tax dollars to large foreigner corporations that are privately held like Chrysler. Our television industry is important to our national identity and the ability to create our own productions. CBC should be given the loans and an additional form of funding given to the private sector through the carriage fees.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Talking of a Hurry When He stalled for Months

Suddenly Harper is in a Hurry
Last fall when we didn't need an election. Mr Harper broke his law and called one. He told us the economic fundamentals were sound and ridiculed those of opposing views. When Parliament opened in November he introduced a budget calling for a surplus and denied the economic woes. When the other parties called him on his inaccuracies he ran to the Governor General to prorogue parliament.He then did nothing to stimulate the economy for 6 weeks. In January his government brings forward a new budget and he and his finance minister are suddenly being impatient. Yesterday he claimed the economy would recover soon if the stimulus budget passed quickly. To day Mr. Page's report is not nearly as glowing indicating the economic downturn is more sever than Mr Harper would have us believe.
I feel Mr Harper is again misleading the country to cover up his own inept actions and constant misunderstanding of the economic situation.

Monday, March 02, 2009


Liberal's Strength Undeer Lseter Pearson

I got a letter from Michale Ignatieff as part of the Victory Fund campaign in which he refers to canvassing for the Liberals in the 60s. I remember those years well, Mr. Person never won a Majority and in 57 lead the party to the worst defeat ever but the party stuck by him. He built a strong Liberal party by recruiting and encouraging others to step up for Canada in public life. He also built a strong allegiance to the party on behalf of Canadians by having a progressive social platform. We saw the creation of the CPP., OAS. strengthen UIC, guaranteed income supplement, student loans, medicare and promotion of a national pride through our new flag and the strength of character to stand up for our beliefs. He told DeGaul to go home. He went to the United States and made a speech telling Johnson to stop bombing North Vietnam.
I would like to see a Liberal platform that lived up to the underlying principles of a Canada where we look after those in need, protect our economy and environment. This would mean amending the current Bill C10 to stop the cancellation of pay equity, to stop the Conservatives giving the Minister of Environment the right to allow damming and dumping in rivers, and have an extension of the UIC to its former standards of the 1990s.

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