Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Today we slip into hearing about the balance of a new budget. Do the opposition parties support it or don't they? The real question is can Mr. Harper be trusted? I say the best proof is past behaviour, so no we can't. He called an election before a fixed date. In the last election he stated the fundamentals of our economy were sound and ridiculed others of opposing views. He said they would never have a deficit. I don't believe he will implement this budget and the money will stay in federal coffers. I also believe the budget could be better crafted to meet Canadians needs.

The opposition parties should use their majority on the Parliamentary committees. They should use that majority to amend the budget to make it more appropriated with time lines to ensure the money reaches the people and projects to help communities, individuals citizens and industries in need.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Why the Great Variation in Gas Prices.

Last Friday I past gas stations near Totonto going up highway 27 where the prices was $.81 per liter, and bought at gas $.73 in Wasaga Beach and the next day in Coborg I paid $.65 a liter at Canadian Tire. I drive back to Totonto on Saturday night and it is $.81. Who is getting riped off here?? Why the price gouging when the cost of crude is so much lower now?


Tax Cuts Are Wrong!

Tax cut will not stimulate the economy. Past experience has shown that at most tax cuts have only a 20% stimulus and at times of economic uncertainty and low consumer confidence only up to a 10% stimulus. Most tax cuts will go to pay down debt, go into savings, like TFSA which will further reduce government revenue, and if spent go on imports that will stimulate other economies.
A true stimulus package looks for ways to get Canadians working. Infrastructure is an excellent way. There are many municipal projects across Canada from new roofs on arenas or libraries to new roads, sewers and transit that have already had their EA assessments completed. Shovels can go into the ground very quickly generating jobs and construction material demands. Then there are the soft infrastructure projects, such as, affordable day care so parents can work, higher education and job retraining,and social housing which support those in need and less affluent.
These types of projects create immediate jobs for Canadians who become tax payers which help us pay down the deficit. This will prepare Canada for the new greener economic structure as many of those manufacturing jobs lost will not return, just as they didn't after the last Conservative recession in 1991.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Shown Wanting Again

Canada has given a new contract to North Star to build trucks for the army. The trucks will built in Texas and the company will close its Catham plant in Ontario. Where is the thinking of this Government? Canadian Tax $ help US recover. What about Canadian workers?? Where was the clause they use the Canadian plant so we get the value of the government contract?
Conservatives have to go!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Tough Decisions at Home

Trying to stay focused on major issues facing Canada with all the international distractions is a tough job. It won't be long till we are back to political brinkmanship. Canadians really need a Government who's goalies to help Canada adjust to the economic restructuring. To this end we need a major investment in concrete and social infrastructure. There are the quick shovel in the ground needs of municipalities to upgrade roads, sewers, arenas, libraries, harbours etc.. Then there are the soft infrastructure projects that are critical for us as a society: Child care, job retraining, social housing, higher education flexible use of UIC that kicks in earlier and for longer.
Tax cuts will not help. There is a low stimulus return to cuts because people we them to pay down debt, save for rainy days and if there is a little spent it is most often on imported consumer goods TVs, iPods and so on.
Canadians have a history of looking at the greater good rather than the selfish me first. I hope this is what we will get.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Missed Opportunities

I read today that Norwegian Umoe Solar Inc is buying UPMs paper plants in New Brunswick. Here is a company from a country that has had a Carbon Tax since 1991 and close control of the petroleum industry forcing carbon capturing. Mr Dion wanted to take Canada on a route to be a world leader in green manufacturing and renewable energy. The current government blocks all efforts to clean up our country. Now we have foreign companies buying our companies who have the funds and technologies because their country forced them to be more energy efficient and creative so at a time of economic downturn they make money off our inertia. We need a government committed to the greater good of all Canadian citizens future health and economic opportunities not big polluting multinationals.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Away In The Cold

To help the Canadian economy our family took our winter break in Quebec. It was a great skiing trip at Le Massif the highest point east of the Rockies, but it was cold!! This is much the way I fear the unemployed, homeless and working poor will feel after the the conservative budget. Those with money will get a tax break and the poor will pay for the public deficit for years to come with no relief in sight.

We need a conservation oriented, green infrastructure stimulus plan to be implemented last December. When will ordinary Canadians get relief?

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