Friday, November 28, 2008


Times of Crisis Calls for a Coalition

In World War I, a time of world wide crisis, Canada had a coalition Government. We are in a world wide crisis again and world leaders have been meeting to try and resolve the crisis through economic stimulus packages.

Mr. Harper did not bring forth an economic stimulus package and he refuses to meet the elected representatives instead he dissolves Parliament for a week when a motion not to his liking is put forth. How can he be so undemocratic and delay the vote of the people's elected representatives. The last 2 elections made it clear Canadians do not want Harper to have a majority.

I for one look forward to a coalition that will respond to support ordinary Canadians in a time of crisis.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Time For Canadian Nationalism

The question is has NAFTA really helped Canada? I think not. The most important factors that led to expanded trade over the last 20 years were the cheap Canadian $, publicly funded health care, and the insatiable US appetite for oil, gas and other resources. Our $ started to climb 24 months ago and our manufacturing was in trouble. US housing slowed and our lumber industry stumbled. Previously The US imposed tariffs on our lumber that were illegal under NAFTA before that because they are protectionist by nature.

Now is a time to open up NAFTA to get rid of Chapter 11 and the proportional sharing clause that requires we maintain the flow of energy to US at our expense. Since free trade came into effect close to 70% of Canada's crude and 60% of our natural gas goes to US which is an increase from 33% and 25% in 1985.

Federal governments over the last 25 years have lost their vision to provide good government for all Canadians to protect us by ensuring national policies are strengthened in a variety of sectors; energy, equal health care accessibility, a national communication plan, a new national public transportation system (pipelines, rail and road). We now export ample amounts of oil to make the country self sufficient but we import 49% of our oil needs. At the same time the National Energy Board has been undermined so pipe lines to the US are built before our own national needs are secured.

The opening of NAFTA can be used to strengthen our national security while at the same time a full disclosure of regulator integration changes under the Security Prosperity Partnership negotiations should come to Parliament for approval.

Governments have a moral responsibility to enhance Canada's sovereignty and national interests by strengthening the fundamental structures, institutions and values that make us distinct.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Truth by Example

A Little over a month ago Mr. Harper said Canada was never going to have deficit under his watch. Now one is mandatory because he said the fundamentals are strong only a month ago! He says we need restraint in spending and he appoints a larger cabinet.Chretien had 23 ministers and Harper has 36. each minister comes at a cost of an extra $75,000 in salary per plus deputy minister and office staff. Yet we must see a smaller civil service and and lower demands by the bargaining units.
How can this man be a leader let alone expect us to trust him.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Canada For Sale

I was in Windsor on the weekend and pick up a copy of The Windsor Star to see a list of Canadian assets that Flaherty is reviewing for sale. A sale that is considered forced by the Conservatives two year spending spree and the unwarranted tax cuts that destroyed the surplus the Liberals had built up so they can try to avoid the defict they caused. Items on the list showed that the Conservatives truly do not respect Canadian cultural institutions. We have things such as, The Museum of Civilization,which includes the War Museum, The National Gallery, the National Museum of Science and Technology, which includes the Aviation Museum and Agriculture Museum, and the Museum of Nature on the block.
I believe Canada has a wonderful depth of museums that help us identify who we are as a nation. This is why past governments that understood the importance of the government establishing and running institutions that make us proud to be Canadian. I do not believe we can put a dollar value on our national heritage.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Harper Keeps his Promise

Last Friday Nov. 7th at about 6:30pm after everyone goes home and Parliament is not sitting the Harper government announces it is cancelling the Portrait Gallery. True to his word Harper cuts the Arts. Here was an opportunity to display some of the hundreds of our Nation's portraits many of which would have been of veterans.

No matter they dress it up ,tight economic times, to do it at that hour when parliament is not sitting and MPs are not available to comment, shows the dark side of this Conservative Parties disregard for our history, culture, and institutions of the Country.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A Moment of Quite

I had the opportunity this morning to attend a Remembrance Day Service in an elementary school. The children were very respectful and sang beautifully! Durimg the time of silence I thought about the grandparents, uncles, cousins, and parents who fought in the wars some of whom never came home, others who carried injury disabilities and scars for the rest of their lives.

We owe them so much and continue to do so today.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Intoleranace and Subtle Racism

English speaking Canadians remind me of ugly Americans sometimes. When they travel they expect everyone to speak English. English speaking Canadians expect everyone to spake clear non dialect accented English. How often have you hear the words, "Can't understand a word he is saying", Can't speak English and you want to live in this country??

This intolerance is part of the reason Dion lost the election. The attitude toward non-English speaking Canadians when we have tow official languages is subtle racism. An English speaking politician going into Quebec is cut slack and we say "at least he tried" but for a French speaking Canadian/ politician who speaks our other official language English Canadians not cut them the same slack. As Gilles Duceppe put it in Canada there are two official languages, English and simultaneous translation. The demand that Dion speak perfect English and the lack of tolerance for his disability to hear certain sounds and therefore miss certain parts of words/questions makes me sad to be a Canadian.

Dion may not have done as well in Englich speaking Canada but he improved the party's position in Quebec. Fellow Qubecers acepted the professors ideas and vision he had for a better Canada.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Unexpectedly Methane Gas Levels Rise

I recently read about the rise in methane gas levels in the atmosphere. Up until now the levels have stayed stable but are now rising.As methane is a much great contributor to climate change than CO2 the rise is a major concern. Some of this can be coming from the northern hemisphere, Canada and Siberia, as the perma frost melts and the trapped gs in the rotting vegetation escapes.

I tremble when I think of our current Government's total lack of commitment to real CO2 emissions cuts to slow and reverse global warming and to protect our world. We missed a golden opportunity in the last election to take positive action with a new vision for Canada.

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