Monday, April 23, 2007

Ontario's' Mixed Environmental Record

I saw Premier Dalton McGuinty on the news last night planting trees and talking about the importance of our environment and his commitment to it. In my view his Government has a spotty record. Yes, we can now recycle liquor bottles through the Beer Stores but there are significant ways his Government is giving the opposite message. In eastern Ontario his Government has given the green light to build incinerators without an environmental assessment. This will result in the release of toxins like dioxins and furans in to the atmosphere which are know to cause health problems especially in children. In the north, Premier McGuinty has not keep his promise from the last election to stop clear cutting of the northern boreal forests with out a plan in place. This is putting the last virgin forest and endangered animals like the woodland caribou at risk. As property owners it has come to light that if you make investments in your home to help the environment such as a windmill or solar panels your property taxes can go up nullifying the environmental investment. He has argued against targets to reduce the production of high emissions cars rather than coming up with incentives to have the provinces auto industry build environmental friendly vehicles

A consistent plan to protect our environment is needed for Ontario!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Baird's Comments are One Sided.

Mr. Baird's comments to the Senate committee yesterday failed to touch on the economic implications of not acting to try to meet the Kyoto targets. Climate changes have already hurt the Canadian economy through such things as floods, droughts and the pine beetle infestations. I believe that an environment minister should focus on protecting and saving our environment not giving economic doomsday reports and giving the impression the Harper Government wants to be helpless to take direct, immediate, specific action to ameliorate the causes of climate change.

Baird's stance demonstrates a lack of vision and leadership to help with the transition to lower emission economy.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Tanks Won't Be the Solution

When the Martin Government committed to Afghanistan there was a 3D approach –development, democracy and diplomacy. We now have Harper's American war. The money going to be spent on tanks would generate much better long tem results in Afghanistan being pumped in new hospitals, schools, clean water, roads de-mining fields or buying the heroin crop to cut off the Taliban source of funds fund. The development and diplomacy strands need to be vigorously pursued if Canadian efforts are to be successful. Our Canadian troops are doing a great job in what they are being asked to do but we are misdirecting their efforts. The Karzai Government also need to clean up its corruption if it expects us to continue our support and respect.

Harper would say we need to secure the region to protect before development can go ahead and to protect our home security from terrorists. Yet Holland has taken the reverse approach with greater success focusing on development and local dipomacy. At the same time the recent Senate report clearly stated that our coastal waters are not protect adequately . Money to improve our coastal defences in the north with new icebreakers would go towards addressing our northern security and sovereignty.

This is an opportunity for Mr Dion and Liberals to show support for the humanitarian work of our troops and define a clear more balanced solution to protect Canada's interests at home and abroad.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dion True to His Principles

As Mr Dion crosses the country he is consistent promoting the Liberal view of a Just Society that looks after those who are vulnerable, as he points out the weaknesses in the Conservative budget. Mr Dion is right to show that the concervative shoot gun approach to budgeting does not focus on the sustainability of our environment and provide the incentives to make Canada and environmental industrial leader.

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