Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tackling Justice
Today in the mail I received a small flyer from Canada’s New Government showing a bullet and called Tackling Crime. I can’t wait for the next issue Tackling Justice.
* Scraping the long gun registry
* Canceling funding for literacy
* Canceling funding for women’s groups
* Canceling Canada’s ambassador on the environment to the UN
Are we seeing the true Conservative (Reform) agenda?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Would the True Liberal Please Stand Up

Well now this weekend Star was interesting was it not. I believe the true Liberal is Mr. Dion. He has demonstrated loyalty to the party over a decade managing contentious issues with great fineness. He is above the scandal that undid the previous Government. On the other had we have Mr. Rae,.a last minute liberal defecting from the NDP who I remember foisted the social contract on Ontario with the those hated Rae Days. Ontario will never forget that is how he tried to balance his books but was unable to show fiscal responsibility and ran up ballooning deficits. We also have the come again Canadian who is unsure of how to use pronouns so when referring to the US in Iraq and our role may use us and we as if Canada and Us are one.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Emissions Control

Now we start to see part 2 of the green plan. The lack of a full confrontation of carbon emissions is startling. We must match or exceed the California rate of 9 liters for ever 100 km.. To go to compulsory regulation is imperative. The liberal pan of voluntary action did not helped us reduce our carbon emissions. The increase in the number of SUVs in the same period is testament to this. The Conservatives are at least on the right track compared to the liberal plan but the time line is not acceptable. We new emission controls by the 2008 model year. The Auto makers can and should gear up now as the public is ready for a more environmentally friendly car. The larger car, van and SUVs .sales in the last three quarters demonstrates this. If they had been making cars the public wanted they would make a profit. Minister Ambrose move faster and with more emphasis on the carbon emissions that are changing our world irrevocably.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

True Values are Showing

Harper is methodically modeling his value against equal rights. This week he fires our ambassador to the Dominican Republic who those from the Caribbean felt was an excellent appointment by the pervious Government. For the life of me I can’t see why you wouldn’t a black gentleman to be our voice for his fully three year term.
At the same time his Minister of Finance, Flaherty, and President of the treasury Board Government, Baird two former Harris Cabinet members, don’t approve the funding renewals for numerous women’s groups there by forcing them to close. Where dose the Minister in charge women’s affairs, Bev Oda of Dufferin, stand on women’s rights. Maybe her silence is the answer.
At the same time the Harper Government recalls our Canadian Ambassador of the Environment, Karen Kraft- Sloan. So the Harper Government marches forward with it head in the sand bent on the destruction of our environment. This is on the day the European space agency releases its photos of the open passage of water through the Arctic Ocean. This is a first ever as it is usually frozen all year. They claim there was enough open water sail a ship through. They also say it is a direct result of global warming. Where are our large more powerful all season icebreakers? We need two new icebreakers with 75000hp. and two all season navy patrol vessels if we are to protect our claim to the North West Passage and to protect our northern environment. Harper has announced the purchase of much military hardware to use over seas but nothing for our North. Were do our liberal candidates stand on such spending if they are elected? It was years of the Liberal Government’s inaction that got us to the sorry state by not looking after our own back yard!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

A More “liberal” Tone to the Candidates Reponses

The debate again allowed us to differentiate the quality of candidates. A couple of items caught my attention. First I though Dion was right on in asking for an independent body to deal with the Land claims. We are now just enriching the lawyers on both sides of the table (see Mcleans Sept 11th). The need to update the Indian Act is also essential but requires all parties to agree the changes are acceptable.

I was also interested in the exchange on regulation of sectors. There was passion to strengthen the CBC and ensure the CTRC is relevant. I felt Rae was weak on this point in seeing the importance of a strong national culture voice. I felt some what ashamed as over the previous it was the Liberal Governments that had so drastically cut the funding to a body that was being so highly praised as essential to our national identity.

I note in the closing remarks a definite shift to expounding on the need for a more caring socially conscience, just society. To true deliver this would provide a distinct alternative to the current government.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stephane Dion is the Best Candidate

Having watched the field over the past few months it is time to declare a preference. I believe that Mr. Dion would be the best person to be the liberal leader. He has experience as a Cabinet Minister. As Minister of intergovernmental affairs he gained knowledge of the intricacies that are required to address the varied needs and aspirations of the many regions and provinces of this great country of ours. As Minister of the Environment he was responsible for our Kyoto plan. He is bilingual and has been the only candidate to articulate a fulsome plan to address the environmental issues confronting us today.

In the debate the other night he was right to attack the badly thought plan by Ignatieff to open up the constitution. This would not address all the needs to recognize the French Nation within Quebec but would open an acrimonious debate that would again divide Canadians.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Harper Introduces Terrorism as a way to run Government

If terrorism is a means to threaten others so they do what you want and undermine confidence in public institutions then Mr. Harper’s behavior this week was one form of terrorism. To go into the Senate, a parliamentary institution, and say do what I want or suffer the consequences was an out and out bulling and a threat. No Prime Minister has the right to unilaterally change our constitutional institutions of government.

The Senate may need reforming. An 8 year term with 25% of the Senators being appointed each 2 years would bring new life and vitality to the institutions role of research and committee review of legislation. If a proper consultative process was in place with the provinces regarding some of the appointments then it would be a step from the current situation.

Mr. Harper shame on you to think you can ride ruff shot over our public institutions bully our Senators.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The No Action Green Plan

Hello from my lofty view from the hills of Nobleton. As I look west over the fields I can see the haze from the emissions that the Harper Green (yellowy-brown) Plan wants to consult widely on. Consultations are not responsible approach to a situation that is slipping out of our grasp. The climatic scientists from Canada and around the world have shown what the results of a no action Green Plan has created in terms of the changes to our earth. Our CO2 emissions have continued to rise when the only way to stop let alone reverse the climate change require a drastic cut in our CO2 emissions. NASA studies tell us we have a very narrow window to act and there is no time. It is not a question of if but rather the degree of change future generations will try to survive in.

Business representative Michael Cloghesy says the public dosen’t understands. I believe we do and that is why there is a broad based of dissatisfaction with the Governments cancellation of Koyoto and other environmental programmes. The Minister of Energy want to talk to the oil sector. We need to cut our billion subsidies to this sector and use the money to convert to non-green house gas forms of energy.

The Harper Government Plan is not a plan.

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