Saturday, October 17, 2009


One More Example of anti Enviromental Protection

More of our fresh water is under attack. Citizens have had to resort to an appeal to the Supreme Court to get the Federal Government to follow the law. The case in point is the Red Crisp mine in Iskut BC and the mines owners desire desire to turn Klueta Lake into a toxic dump. The Federal Government decided to make a bureaucratic ruling and not have public input and an EAP by changing the terms of the project into individual parts. Fortunately environmental groups have stepped up to challenge this ruling and argue a full environmental review with public input is required under the laws of the land. The ruling will effect all our fresh water sources which is a diminishing resource and must be protected.
This is one more example of the Conservatives attack on our precious environment. It goes in hand with the cancelling of the Navigable Water Protection Act in the January budget. Water is our most precious resource. Where is the Liberal Party policy on protecting our environment and re instituting the protections under the Laws of our land? The people of Canada need to see who will stand up for Canada's environment and our children's future.

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