Monday, March 31, 2008

Save us from bad ideas!
Spring is a time we need to think of our space ship earth and how we can all do our bit to protect our life support system. To this end I was hoping that I would be seeing political leadership flowing toward conservation. However, after reading Saturdays Star I see that the current Liberal government in Ontario is giving $17.1 million to Ford to reopen their Windsor engine plant to produce V8 engines. Yes our auto sector needs support but to produce V8 engines I ask you what are they thinking!! Now if it was to produce more efficient 4 cylinder engines or hybrid engines I could see it. With the need to conserve energy and to protect our climate and a trend by the buying public away from larger motors I believe this is good money going after a very bad idea.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Water for all Canadians is a must policy.

A fundamental right of all Canadians is the right to fresh publicly owned water. It is my belief that Parliament needs to pass a bill to recognize that water is a fundamental right. As the world climate changes and as we use up the finite resources of the world our Government must adopt a Canada first attitude to all resource usage. We must not allow water to become part of NAFTA as the Security and Prosperity Partnership negotiations to harmonized North American regulations are carried on behind closed doors, as is happening with our current government. We need a strong nationalist Government to have a sustainable Canada first resource utilization policy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Keep Macdonald Dettwiler Canadian.

I am pleased that Prentice has put a delay on the approval of the sale of MacDonald Dettwiler . this is too important a company to go into foreign hands. We have spent millions of dollars of tax payer's money to develop the satellites to have the ownership go off shore. Canada has bee a leader in satellite communications and the loss of this company would be waste of our tax money and a blow to the control of our innovative knowledge and technologies. To go into the hands of a major US arms manufactures hands is unforgivable. Not to stop the sale would be another blow to Canada's aerospace and reminds me of the decision former Diefenbaker Conservative government that scarped the Arrow. We then saw a flight of some of the best mind in the aerospace industry to the US.

Monday, March 03, 2008

As I watch the shenanigans in Ottawa it reminds me that Harper is emulating one republican who must be a hero of his who claimed in the midst of the Watergate scandal “I am not a crook”.
It is time to throw out the crooks!!

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