Friday, January 22, 2010


A Sad Day for Our Environment

The supreme court ruled in favour of the mining company so that Dease lake can become a toxic waste dump. this is a trout lake that will be used for years as a dump. Fresh water is Canad's most important natural resource. this waste full display by the BC and Harper Government is unacceptable. Having said that I should expect no less from the Harper Government, the Government of Corporate rape of the Canadian environment. We need a new government that will put the Environmental integrity of our country the number one priority.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


One More Example of anti Enviromental Protection

More of our fresh water is under attack. Citizens have had to resort to an appeal to the Supreme Court to get the Federal Government to follow the law. The case in point is the Red Crisp mine in Iskut BC and the mines owners desire desire to turn Klueta Lake into a toxic dump. The Federal Government decided to make a bureaucratic ruling and not have public input and an EAP by changing the terms of the project into individual parts. Fortunately environmental groups have stepped up to challenge this ruling and argue a full environmental review with public input is required under the laws of the land. The ruling will effect all our fresh water sources which is a diminishing resource and must be protected.
This is one more example of the Conservatives attack on our precious environment. It goes in hand with the cancelling of the Navigable Water Protection Act in the January budget. Water is our most precious resource. Where is the Liberal Party policy on protecting our environment and re instituting the protections under the Laws of our land? The people of Canada need to see who will stand up for Canada's environment and our children's future.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We have Lost a Great Canadian

My sympathy goes to the Le Blanc Family as Romeo Le Blanc has passed away. He served Canada as a dedicated servant always focusing on what is best for all Canadians. His leadership and understanding will be missed.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


My Cancer Isotopes

The Conservatives have been putting the treatment of my cancer and the treatment thousands of other Canadians at risk for the last 30 months. First they fired the head of the safety watch dog commission on safety who said all was not right at Chalk River. then the Conservatives said fire up the old reactor with out fixing it.
Next they cancelled the funding for Maple Leaf 1 and Maple Leaf 2 reactors that were being built to replace the old reactor. One of which these is ready to fire up.
You have Teneycke saying they could not get another reatcor one on line but people a t AECL say they have one of the Maple Leaf reactors that could be brought into service.
Why put so many Canadian lives at risk?? The current government is callous and arrogant.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


A Better Investment

We invest $10 billion of my tax$ in a bankrupt company that I was told we had been bailing out for the past few months so it wouldn't go bankrupt. The investment of my taxes into an industry that has had poor visioning and lack of over site is in itself a poor decision. My taxes would be much better spent on corporate welfare that goes to new idea research at our higher education facilities, green technology manufacturing, like Zen cars, and public transit. Imagine the number of spin off jobs that would created from such an investment. such an investment would also align with a world where oil will be $150.00 + a barrel and the car, as we know it, will become redundant.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Abandoning Canadian Leadership

There is talk today the Conservatives want to sell off another of our leadership industries. They have been systematically undermining the ability to keep our nuclear industry as a world leader. They have been constantly under funding the research and earlier they cancelled the Maple Leaf project. Now our reactor is down that makes so much of the world's medical isotope they are ready to abandon it rather than buil a new modern one. The Harper Government does nothing but belittle our great industrial heritage. We need a government that will stand up for our scientists and the future of our industrial leadership.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Systematic Environmental Degradation

The Government has targeted the environment in its budget package. The Conservatives weakened laws that protect waterways and fisheries by undermining the Navigable Waters Protection Act. The amendments had no place in the budget and should have been debated separately as a change to environmental assessment policy. Also Federal environment Minister Jim Prentice announced that Ottawa would eliminate environmental assessments from90% of the "Building Canada" stimulus plan.Under the cover of job creation the Conservatives are reversing our environmental protection.
We stand to lose many of our steams and rivers to unfetter pollution.

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