Tuesday, June 09, 2009


My Cancer Isotopes

The Conservatives have been putting the treatment of my cancer and the treatment thousands of other Canadians at risk for the last 30 months. First they fired the head of the safety watch dog commission on safety who said all was not right at Chalk River. then the Conservatives said fire up the old reactor with out fixing it.
Next they cancelled the funding for Maple Leaf 1 and Maple Leaf 2 reactors that were being built to replace the old reactor. One of which these is ready to fire up.
You have Teneycke saying they could not get another reatcor one on line but people a t AECL say they have one of the Maple Leaf reactors that could be brought into service.
Why put so many Canadian lives at risk?? The current government is callous and arrogant.

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