Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dion True to His Principles

As Mr Dion crosses the country he is consistent promoting the Liberal view of a Just Society that looks after those who are vulnerable, as he points out the weaknesses in the Conservative budget. Mr Dion is right to show that the concervative shoot gun approach to budgeting does not focus on the sustainability of our environment and provide the incentives to make Canada and environmental industrial leader.

That's good! Consider the recent Quebec elections: what comes out of the many post-election assessments of PQ's demise in Quebec is the fact that Boisclair had been fooling around with that party's principles. In the end, people had no clue whatsoever what that party stood for anymore.

Consistency in one's principles creates TRUST. Indeed, Harper's lack of consistency in HIS principles may end up being his Achilles' heel in the next election. Dion is right to stick to his & the Liberal Party's!
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