Friday, September 22, 2006

Emissions Control

Now we start to see part 2 of the green plan. The lack of a full confrontation of carbon emissions is startling. We must match or exceed the California rate of 9 liters for ever 100 km.. To go to compulsory regulation is imperative. The liberal pan of voluntary action did not helped us reduce our carbon emissions. The increase in the number of SUVs in the same period is testament to this. The Conservatives are at least on the right track compared to the liberal plan but the time line is not acceptable. We new emission controls by the 2008 model year. The Auto makers can and should gear up now as the public is ready for a more environmentally friendly car. The larger car, van and SUVs .sales in the last three quarters demonstrates this. If they had been making cars the public wanted they would make a profit. Minister Ambrose move faster and with more emphasis on the carbon emissions that are changing our world irrevocably.

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