Saturday, September 09, 2006

Harper Introduces Terrorism as a way to run Government

If terrorism is a means to threaten others so they do what you want and undermine confidence in public institutions then Mr. Harper’s behavior this week was one form of terrorism. To go into the Senate, a parliamentary institution, and say do what I want or suffer the consequences was an out and out bulling and a threat. No Prime Minister has the right to unilaterally change our constitutional institutions of government.

The Senate may need reforming. An 8 year term with 25% of the Senators being appointed each 2 years would bring new life and vitality to the institutions role of research and committee review of legislation. If a proper consultative process was in place with the provinces regarding some of the appointments then it would be a step from the current situation.

Mr. Harper shame on you to think you can ride ruff shot over our public institutions bully our Senators.

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