Monday, September 18, 2006

A More “liberal” Tone to the Candidates Reponses

The debate again allowed us to differentiate the quality of candidates. A couple of items caught my attention. First I though Dion was right on in asking for an independent body to deal with the Land claims. We are now just enriching the lawyers on both sides of the table (see Mcleans Sept 11th). The need to update the Indian Act is also essential but requires all parties to agree the changes are acceptable.

I was also interested in the exchange on regulation of sectors. There was passion to strengthen the CBC and ensure the CTRC is relevant. I felt Rae was weak on this point in seeing the importance of a strong national culture voice. I felt some what ashamed as over the previous it was the Liberal Governments that had so drastically cut the funding to a body that was being so highly praised as essential to our national identity.

I note in the closing remarks a definite shift to expounding on the need for a more caring socially conscience, just society. To true deliver this would provide a distinct alternative to the current government.

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