Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The No Action Green Plan

Hello from my lofty view from the hills of Nobleton. As I look west over the fields I can see the haze from the emissions that the Harper Green (yellowy-brown) Plan wants to consult widely on. Consultations are not responsible approach to a situation that is slipping out of our grasp. The climatic scientists from Canada and around the world have shown what the results of a no action Green Plan has created in terms of the changes to our earth. Our CO2 emissions have continued to rise when the only way to stop let alone reverse the climate change require a drastic cut in our CO2 emissions. NASA studies tell us we have a very narrow window to act and there is no time. It is not a question of if but rather the degree of change future generations will try to survive in.

Business representative Michael Cloghesy says the public dosen’t understands. I believe we do and that is why there is a broad based of dissatisfaction with the Governments cancellation of Koyoto and other environmental programmes. The Minister of Energy want to talk to the oil sector. We need to cut our billion subsidies to this sector and use the money to convert to non-green house gas forms of energy.

The Harper Government Plan is not a plan.

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