Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stephane Dion is the Best Candidate

Having watched the field over the past few months it is time to declare a preference. I believe that Mr. Dion would be the best person to be the liberal leader. He has experience as a Cabinet Minister. As Minister of intergovernmental affairs he gained knowledge of the intricacies that are required to address the varied needs and aspirations of the many regions and provinces of this great country of ours. As Minister of the Environment he was responsible for our Kyoto plan. He is bilingual and has been the only candidate to articulate a fulsome plan to address the environmental issues confronting us today.

In the debate the other night he was right to attack the badly thought plan by Ignatieff to open up the constitution. This would not address all the needs to recognize the French Nation within Quebec but would open an acrimonious debate that would again divide Canadians.

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