Thursday, September 21, 2006

True Values are Showing

Harper is methodically modeling his value against equal rights. This week he fires our ambassador to the Dominican Republic who those from the Caribbean felt was an excellent appointment by the pervious Government. For the life of me I can’t see why you wouldn’t a black gentleman to be our voice for his fully three year term.
At the same time his Minister of Finance, Flaherty, and President of the treasury Board Government, Baird two former Harris Cabinet members, don’t approve the funding renewals for numerous women’s groups there by forcing them to close. Where dose the Minister in charge women’s affairs, Bev Oda of Dufferin, stand on women’s rights. Maybe her silence is the answer.
At the same time the Harper Government recalls our Canadian Ambassador of the Environment, Karen Kraft- Sloan. So the Harper Government marches forward with it head in the sand bent on the destruction of our environment. This is on the day the European space agency releases its photos of the open passage of water through the Arctic Ocean. This is a first ever as it is usually frozen all year. They claim there was enough open water sail a ship through. They also say it is a direct result of global warming. Where are our large more powerful all season icebreakers? We need two new icebreakers with 75000hp. and two all season navy patrol vessels if we are to protect our claim to the North West Passage and to protect our northern environment. Harper has announced the purchase of much military hardware to use over seas but nothing for our North. Were do our liberal candidates stand on such spending if they are elected? It was years of the Liberal Government’s inaction that got us to the sorry state by not looking after our own back yard!!

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