Sunday, September 24, 2006

Would the True Liberal Please Stand Up

Well now this weekend Star was interesting was it not. I believe the true Liberal is Mr. Dion. He has demonstrated loyalty to the party over a decade managing contentious issues with great fineness. He is above the scandal that undid the previous Government. On the other had we have Mr. Rae,.a last minute liberal defecting from the NDP who I remember foisted the social contract on Ontario with the those hated Rae Days. Ontario will never forget that is how he tried to balance his books but was unable to show fiscal responsibility and ran up ballooning deficits. We also have the come again Canadian who is unsure of how to use pronouns so when referring to the US in Iraq and our role may use us and we as if Canada and Us are one.

Do you think Rae Days were worse than what came after?
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