Wednesday, October 11, 2006

On McGuinty and Clean Air

I watched the actions of McGuinty last week as he attacked the idea that the Harper Government might impose regulations on the automotive sector with considerable distress. During the last campaign I remember his promise to protect the environment and thought “Oh a breath of fresh air” How I was deceived. He really has no zeal for environmental protection. His reaction to the suggestion of emission regulations was to immediately attack the whole concept that we need to control emissions from motor vehicles. His claim it will cost Ontario too much as it will hurt the auto sector.

Mr McGuinty get with the evidence. In the GTA we have smog alerts. We have harmed lakes. We have people dieing in Southern Ontario every year from repertory problems directly related to air quality. It cost us millions every year in tax dollars to pay for the medical cost as a result of respiratory illness. We loose millions from the economy as a result of additional sick time employees need to recover from respiratory problems.

Other jurisdictions are moving on this issue with vigor. I think we in Ontario should be working harder to get all vehicle emissions reduced within a strict time table and strong standards, much like California. These regulations should go further than Harper’s proposal plan. Well Mr. McGuinty if you think we should keep going the way we are then I feel you are a politician for the wrong century. It is probably the smog in down town Toronto that blurs you vision of what is needed for a safe clean future.

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