Friday, November 24, 2006

Ignatieff Succeeds in Opening Old Wounds
Ignatieff's campaign gaff about Quebec as a nation was a bit like a man-of-war jelly fish. It got floated out there looks good and then one of those long tentacles has stung us. The Bloc's motion to embarrass the Liberals on the run up to the convention forced Mr Harper to respond. Harper's response was the right thing to do. Further Harper acted correctly in consulting with the other parties around the wording. calling on the expertise of Mr Dion as part of the process and then clearly outlining the context of Quebec as a Nation within Canada. I believe the passing of the motion to recognize Quebec as a Nation will have a life of its own. The ramifications for our Canada will be unpredictable. Ignatieff's campaign comments have moved from tearing the Liberal party apart to tearing the unity of our Canada apart. Where will this man-of-war sting us next and will that be a fatal sting?

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