Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Time for Integrity
Two wrongs don't make a right Goodale's lack of understanding of the proper thing to do in the middle of the last campaign was the final nail in the liberal's lost. If he had resigned and waited to be cleared it would have shown integrity rather than reinforcing the public perception of liberal's right of entitlement that was at the heart of the lack of trust in our party. It was also Goodale's waffling on the income trust that led to the decisive action by the conservatives that make them look like they can make hard decisions on behalf of Canada. We now have a waffling former finance minister supporting a former NDP Premier who could not control his budget. We need a leader loyal to his principles with honesty and integrity to lead a united party and a untied Canada . .

I disagree. Ralph Goodale, the victim of a suspiciously timed investigation, was subsequently exonerated.

You're just another person spouting the convenient myth that Rae was to blame for the situation he inherited.
It is no surprise that Goodale, with his lack of understanding of budgetary matters, would think Rae was a winner.
Goodale (and what's his name) screamed during the last election campaign that the Cons would put Canada in a deficit!! And the actual result was a 13B surplus. And another surplus on it's way....
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