Friday, December 08, 2006

Two Reports Show the Conservatives are Wrong

The first one by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. This report shows that people in high tax countries live with less poverty, have higher incomes, are more competative, have better health, have higher post secondary levels of education , have lower rates of drug use and they have more spending on R&D. Countries that have higher taxes provide the social services to ensure that a larger percentage of the population are postive contributers.. This flies in the face of the plan to cut cut taxes and cut services.

The second report by the Canadian Council on Learning. Reports on the importance of the role of government in funding education. Again this report plainly states the government has vital role to play in strongly funding all levels of education and in countries where this takes place the productivity and competitveness improves. One specific recommendation was to fund adult literacy programs. This again flies in the face of recent announcements by the Conservatives as they cut federal funding for adult literacy.

Thank goodness we will soon have a new government led by Mr Dion who understands that the state has a postive role to play to ensure social justice is more that just words. A new government will then improve our economic productivity and more Canadians will have opportunities to live healthy productive lives.

As seen in France, the most productive societies work less. They employ less marginal workers.

The workers that are left end up having to pay more tax to support the non productive members of society.

On pure productivity level, we are doing middle of the pack.

The question comes down to: would you rather have a worker doing a job unproductively, or an unemployed worker?

I personally would rather take the efficiency hit and keep that person off the social safety net.
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