Wednesday, January 31, 2007

McGuinty’s Government is Consistent on the Environmental File

The Ontario Liberals and McGuinty continue to break campaign promises on the environment. First it was the coal burning thermal plants. Then they announce they can’t meet their 60% goal to recycle garbage and are only reaching 25%. The most glaring is with regards to Ontario’s boreal forests.
In the last election McGuinty is quoted as stating “We will institute meaningful, broad-scale, land-use planning for Ontario’s northern boreal forest before any new development”. Yet his minister of environment Dave Ramsay has said there will not be industrial deferrals while planning takes place. This puts the endanger woodland caribou of northern Ontario at further risk. Bill Thornton assistant deputy for forestry said in November that killing off woodland caribou might be unavoidable, ”at the end of the day there will be human activity in northwestern Ontario that will bring negative consequences to caribou.” (See Cameron Smith’s column in the Star Sat. Jan. 20.) In my view this amounts to species genocide. How can a government be so disrespectful of the our environment? To plan to make a species extinct is unacceptable.

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