Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Expanded Pesticide use Unacceptable
The deep integration of our regulations with United States is dangerous for our health. I was amazed that the Government would dream of expanding the use of pesticides when we know how hazardous they are to our health. This has to be stopped!

This is just the begining of what Deep Penetration will mean to Canada.

First we start lowering our standards on pesticides to those of America, but funny thing is America will be busy lower their standards to Mexico's level so this will be just the first wave of the changes we will have to make, on our way to a common union of some form.

Currency, Mexico is runing out of oil which represents 40% of the gov budget= bankruptcy/chaos
The U.S. is near broke and hell bent on devaluating their way out of bebt and pension obligations. They want our surpluses,good credit and natural resources to back a new N.A. currency

Missle defense, under this agreement we will sign on like it or not. Cons love the idea of one big happy fasicist state and the Libs signed treaty allowing this in the first place so don't expect either one of these two to say no.

Water exports, we already are required to ship 60% of our oil and gas to the states under nafta, water will be next, soon it could be corn for ethanol.

Wages/health care/education will decline to the lowest common denominator, all for the benifit of corporations, never us.

This is not sit back and grumble stuff, this is pitch fork and burning torches stuff. This is storming the legislature stuff, this is voting Green and killing Nafta stuff.
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