Friday, September 14, 2007

Climate change is a challenge to our northern sovereignty and Harper’s announcement falls short!
This summer Harper broke an election promise by back tracking on the quality of the new ice breaking capability in our north. Ice breakers are the life line connecting to the northern communities and protecting Canada’s sovereignty. We need all season ice breaking capability not more warm season ice breakers. The new frigates announced will be useless against an ice ridge or thick ice. We don’t have one naval vessel capable for working in the ice in our artic waters. Instead of spending money on tanks for Afghanistan the military investments needs to be put all season ice braking capable naval vessels. What is the use of Harper saying they will build a northern port if Canada has no vessels to get into it? A strong coast guard and naval presence all year is the only way to assert our Artic claims, protect our northern community’s waters to assert Canadian sovereignty over our nation’s resources.

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