Monday, September 24, 2007

Ecological Disaster in the Making!

I was at the Beach this week end on Georgian Bay and noticed that the water level had dropped significantly again. Over the last eight years the water level has dropped over 2 feet. This means that docks and launch ramps that were in the water are now high and dry. Rock reefs that were covered in water where we used to catch bass are now out of the water. At first it was said that the water was high and was going back to a lower level but we are now well below historical levels. There seem to be two key reasons for continual dropping of the water levels. First, the use of tremendous amounts of water being taken out every day from the upper lakes for industrial purposes, mining, forestry and residential use which removes billions of gallons on a continual basis. The second is with the changes in climate with the longer hotter, drier summers there is a lack of recharge of the water.

If there is now a reversal of the continual drop in water levels it has a very negative effect on the climate surrounding the lakes and the tourist industry. At this time I don’t see any level of government taking the issue of our fresh water supply seriously. Water for each and every Canadian is a right and must be respected it is not a commodity to be taken away of to be privatized. The taking of water from the upper great lakes basin must be much more rigidly controlled

Georgian Bay , near Owen Sound doesn't look that bad, however, 21 miles west is Southampton on Lake Huron , where I was born and raised. the water is so low there, it could make one cry. I know Chicago takes a great deal out of Lake Michigan and some is pumped by Michigan, near Lake St Clair. It is a shame
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