Friday, September 28, 2007

It is Time to Keep Moving Forward with the Liberals.

We do not need another Tory government with divisive policies, privatization of Medicare and large deficits. The current Conservative/Tory campaign promises to do just that. The promise to fund faith based schools will fragment society building in state sponsorship of segregation. At a time when we have peace in the education system and a focus on Literacy and Mathematics improvement to take funds and give it to religious groups to set up duplication of multiple systems is bad social, economic and educational planning. The promise to fund private clinics to do medical procedures that can be done in the public system will mean our tax dollars will go to a profit oriented clinics rather than to improving the financially strapped publicly system. At the same time Tory is promising to cut taxes and we know from the last Conservative Government that cutting taxes and privatizing the pubic services leads to massive deficits.

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