Friday, October 26, 2007

Where is Sorbara really going?

Mr. Sorbara does not want a cabinet post because he wants more time with his family. On the surface that sounds fair enough because he has dedicated a lot time to the party and the recent campaign. However, I find this a little hard to digest right after running for reelection. I could see this if he said he had not run again .
Could there be more to this? Maybe he was not going to get the nod for the finance portfolio and he is miffed. Maybe it is time for another conspiracy theory that Mr. Dion and Federal Liberals don’t need right now. We must remember that Mr. Sorbara was a big reason that Bob Rae became a Liberal and ran in the Liberal leadership race. Could Mr. Sorbara be eyeing a Federal seat and then promoting a draft Bob leadership movement?? We don’t need this but you heard it here first.

Or could it be this?
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