Monday, November 05, 2007

Harper has insulted all Canadians.
Stephen Harper told us as Canadians we are failures because we can not meet or even try to meet our international commitments to meet the Kyoto targets. I feel he does not believe in the ingenuity, creativity, dedication and determination of Canadians to find ways to achieve goals that seem impossible. As a nation we have always met our international commitment and demonstrated we are capable of being world leaders. On November 11th we will recognize the ability of Canadians to do just that. I believe that given the leadership we could have gone a long way to meet the Kyoto targets because “WE ARE CANADIAN”.

I agree, but the Dion liberals sat on their hands during the speech to the throne, and eMay basically said that is ok, there was really nothing earth shattering in Harper's speech and subsequent parliamentary vote to bring down the govt - except the death of Kyoto.
Square that peg.
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