Saturday, November 10, 2007

Harper’s Neo-conservatism shows this Week.

I am not surprised by the Harper’s government’s reversal of Canada’s long standing sponsorship of the United Nations resolution to have a moratorium of the death penalty. What I am surprised about is that they say Canada will still vote in favour of the resolution. How can you not support and support the death penalty. The real answer is that the Conservative government supports the death penalty and that is why Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day announced that Canada supports the death penalty of a Canadian on death row in Montana. His announcement in the House of Commons this week means that Canada would not come to defense of a Canadian on death row which is a first in recent Canadian history. It is my view that to not oppose something is to show support it and to not oppose the death penalty for a Canadian is verification of this change in Canadian policy. This is a giant step backwards for a Just Canadian Society

This is a giant step forward for a Just Canadian Society

Finally a murder victim gets justices

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