Monday, November 26, 2007

Two Big Carbon Sinks

In Canada we sit on two huge depositories of climate change gases. The first is can be found in our boreal forests peat bogs. The disturbance of these bogs by lumbering operations releases the trapped CO2 gases adding to the green house gas effect. The second is the permafrost in our north. As we experience a warming climate the permafrost melts releasing the methane gases trapped in the ground for which scientists have not been able to calibrate the escalating effect the released methane will have on the warming climate.
We are in a double bind with the Harper Government doing all it can to prevent the true cutting of green house gases by making sure no agreements are reached to set binding targets and the continued destruction of our Boreal forest as the provinces keep issuing more clear cut licenses.
From all I read we are running out of time and yet our Governments are twiddling their thumbs.

I'd add the North Atlantic Ocean as well. It has more CO2 dissolved in it than any other ocean and warming it up will release the CO2 as waters ability to dissolve gas depends on temperature.
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