Friday, January 18, 2008

My belief that the Harper Government lacks respect for the objectivity of the civil service and is vindictive was reaffirmed this week with the firing of Dr. Keen. What has not been properly address is when in the spring was Mr. Lunn’s department made aware of AECL’s lack of compliance with a basic safety issue. Dr. Keen was responsible for nuclear safety in our country. Her commission’s role was to identify safety problems and then the responsibility of the operator comes into play and they take corrective action to see the safety issue is resolved. AECL did not act and created the medical crisis. Mr. Lunn’s department is responsible for this company and if AECL was in violation of a nuclear safety order he should be fired for not seeing they complied. Mr. Harper again is showing he is not capable of making objective nonpartisan prime ministerial decisions on be half of the safety of all Canadians.

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