Sunday, April 06, 2008

Forest Loss is Dramatic.
We have one of the worlds largest boreal and mountain forests which can be great carbon sink. However, we are losing them at an alarming rate. Governments need to implement a cutting policy that is sustainable. The current clear cutting not only destroys large tracts of virgin forest that take generations to recover but destroy the habitat of millions of song birds and push species, such as, the Woodland Caribou onto the endangered list. This practice of clear cutting in hand with the advance of the pine beetle is stripping future generations of a vital resource that will be needed for future utilization and provide a source of employment. Governments need to implement a green sustainable forestry policy now so this sector does not go the way of the cod fishery!

There are now more forests in North America than there were 50 years ago . . . fact!!!
Did you know that young, rapidly growing forests consume much more CO2 than old growth forests? They have been planting more than they have cut for over 30 years . . .
The cariboo issue . . . maybe its all the wolves we no longer shoot . . . could they be eating the cariboo??
By the way . . . the polar bears are also doing well, 25,000 and growing at last count. Imagine in the 70's there were less than 10,000.
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