Thursday, April 03, 2008

I am embarrassed and ashamed of the position Canada took at the UN Human Right Commission meeting. We are the nation that blocked a resolution supported by all the other members of the UN Human Rights Commission that water have declared that water is a basic human right. If Canada does not support that water be a basic human right then does that mean the conservatives want water to be considered a commodity because if so this would be a disaster. Under NAFTA and the current SPP negations it would open our fresh water up to North American bulk exports. Net result Canada lose sovereign control over a critical resource and how it will be used for our citizens.

It was pretty obvious that the Cons want to sell out to the US, or large MNCs as quickly as possible (since many of their friends sit on boards of the very same resource/oil companies that would exploit us).

The Cons want water declared a commodity. They should be asked point blank...
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