Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Happened to Peace, Order and Good Government?

The BNA Act states that our governments are to provide Peace, Order and Good Government, yet when I see the number of times our various levels of government are told by courts to live up to the letter of the law I wonder what kind of message they are giving by continuously flaunting laws. For example, the BC government has been ordered by the Privacy Commissioner to cease blocking the required release of information and to be more transparent with environmental requests.. On other fronts, Environment Minister John Bairds' decision to only order and environmental assessment on the wharf portion and not on the total new refinery to be built by Irving is in court, while Ontario recieved a the scathing report by NAFTA's environmental watchdog that Ontario's forestry policies are inadequate to protect birds nest and in violation of NAFTA's environmental regultions. It is time we did not have to go to court to get our governments to follow the laws of the land.

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