Friday, September 19, 2008


Can We Tust the Tories

I believe past behaviour is the best indicator of future behaviour. Which means I believe that Mr. Harper will change his mind and even go against the laws of the land to get power ( the investigation in to last election's spending by the Tories and the election we have now that was not due yet).
He is ideologically driven in the belief good government is less government. Last April the meat packing industry was given the green light to self inspect and by the summer we have death and sickness across Canada as a result of listeria. Families of average Candaians suffer unduley and as tax payers additional health care tax costs will flow our way as well as the costs up coming law suits. .
We need a leader who up hold the laws of the land and believes the lives and health of Canadians is more important than strict objective regulated industries.

I also believe in past behaviour being a good prediction tool, which means the election of a Liberal government would be immediately followed by broken promise after broken promise.
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