Monday, September 15, 2008


Economic Nationalism should be an Election Issue

Last Friday Harper announced he would make it easier for foreign take overs. Foreign ownership results in reinvestment decision making moving offshore along with the profits. If Canada is to stay competitive and dynamic we need reinvestment by the Canadian private sector and the government. Unfortunately a lot of our manufacturing is owned offshore and we have seen a steady decline in our manufacturing capacity as the production is move to low cost labour markets. this at a time we have a Government that is ideologically against government participation in the economy and has cut taxes to the point it has curb its financial ability to respond to changing economic stresses with out running up a deficit. The net result is less money for infrastructure, incentives or services to keep Canada competitive.
I would like to see a nationalist economic policy clearly articulated /debated as part of the campaign. Canadians need to know where the next government will stand to promote and support creativity and competitiveness beyond just cutting taxes.

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