Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Harper Avoids the Voters

Last night on the National Peter Mansbridge announced that Harper refused to come on the Your Turn interview. I can only think this is because Harper does not want to answer question directly from the public because he can't control the information that may be asked for.

That's exactly why. I saw that too. Peter Mansbridge said all the leaders were invited on the show. Layton and May appeared first. Dion is coming on next. But Harper....he replied to them that he will come on but refuses to participate in the Your Turn segment. The Your Turn segment is half an hour or so of voters asking questions and the candidate has to answer. Harper refused.

That, along with today's plagiarism find, screams the truth that Harper will always avoid accountability, he works with an agenda AGAINST Canada and Canadians and is not worthy of holding the highest office in this country.
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