Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Harper’s rush to call the election could disenfranchise our youth.
With many of our young voters heading off to college and university away from home they will be hard pushed to be able to vote. As our youth is more concerned about the environment, is this not a deliberate attempt by Harper to reduce or nullify their vote because of the total lack of any Conservative environmental plan to reverse the effects of climate change?

That's the thing now isn't it, how do we engage the youth to get interested in politics the way you were enticed at that age. Newspapers kept you informed, the way the internet can keep today's the youths involved. I believe the real issue here though is what attracted you back then? real concrete issues, the leaders talked about what they could do for the country. Today the politician spend the vast majority of their time criticizing the other parties in an attempt to make themselves look better. We now finally have some excellent topics to talk about such as the environment, economy, world trade, health care cost, education cost, social justice and fairness, foreign affairs, afghanistan, and so on. The internet and this whole blog thing is relatively new and I don't think has gotten the youths attention YET! Maybe we could approach some of the educators and see if they could help get them involved or even start their own, food for thought, anyways I have found that the more I blog the more I realize others blogging, keep up the posts.
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