Sunday, September 28, 2008


the Real Mr Harper Stood Up!!

Last week we saw the real Mr Harper that the Conservatives adds had tried to cover up come to the for. If a bully is someone who picks on those less able, vulnerable and different than themselves then Mr Harper is a true bully. He would throw the 14 year olds who are not old enough to vote or drive in jail as adults because they can't resist or express their views as voters. He had party members blame the new guy on the block for problems and you have Richardson blaming crime on the new immigrants. He ridiculed and sneered at those who enjoy cultural activities .
These comments are upsetting, divisive and distortions of a reality needed to build a future Canada as they pit one Canadian against another.
Let us watch Dion's integrity and honest vision of how to build a better united Canada shine through in this weeks debate.

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