Saturday, September 27, 2008


Up Up and Away

The stage is set for a very offensive hard nosed attack as the Liberals move into the final weeks of the campaign. Vigorous impassioned articulation of our policies will win the day. Clear repetition of the message we are the best managers of the economy, having given the Tories a 12 billion dollar surplus, and the party with a vision of Canada for tomorrow benefiting all Canadians will be heard.

I've been waiting for this for the last 3 weeks!
Nice guys finish last in politics.
The CONs have been freely attacking us in the media for the last 2 years with no effective response, Harper has a record to run on why aren't we pointing out all the low points.?
Its been very frustrating observing the Liberal campaign so far, lets as least have some fireworks to finish the campaign.
I'd like some kind of value for all the donations I sent them.
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