Thursday, September 25, 2008


When will I See a Full Environmental Plan

There has been considerable talk about the Green Shift and Carbon Tax to address global warming but the burning of fossil fuels is only a part of a needed total environmental plan. Where is a plan to address habitat destruction, such as, the clear cutting of our virgin forests, strip mining, contamination of our fresh water, the loss of our prime fertile farm land and raw sewage dumping by cities like Victoria. With the loss of habitat we loose species vital to the integrity of our ecosystem. Environmental protection is more that a Carbon Tax.

Solid points, NC. Where I live we're already seeing things like species migration. The last time I went fishing out of Port Renfrew, the harbour was full of anchovies. The giant sunfish, once a rarity, is starting to become quite common in our waters. California and Oregon have had to shut down their salmon fisheries. Our own may be next. We need a mix of remediation and adaptation. Carbon policy is crucial but it's only part of the overall picture. Good post.
Whooee! Yer barkin' up the wrong tree, NC. If you want a comprehensive environmental policy, you need to look at the party that makes the environment a full-time priority -- not just something to attract votes when it's convenient. Dion was against the carbon tax until he, all of a sudden, noticed that the Green Party was getting 10%+ support in the polls and the Liberals needed some of that.

You're right, environmental protection is way more than a carbon tax. Suzuki said it: if you're really concerned about the environment, vote Green; if you don't care at all about the environment, vote Conservative; if you're some where in between, vote for one of the other parties.

Has anyone actually read the plan?

There definately is a clean water strategy and a wilderness and biodiversity plan. (outline in this pdf here.

Now jimbobby, nobody is suggesting that Lizzie doesn't have a great plan and you know darn well that Dion didn't change his mind on the tax the way you suggested.

Geesh, even the nice guys turn during an election, lol!
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