Saturday, October 25, 2008



To stand up for ones beliefs and principles in the face of a constant bi rage of criticism takes tremendous courage. Mr Dion's proposed carbon tax was such an action.

Canada needs a new environmental direction amidst the current economic restructuring. To do nothing on the emissions side is not a zero risk. It is a huge risk. If we are going to handle the challenge of climate change we need to think differently than we have up until this time.

I applaud Mr. Dion for having taken up the challenge.

Except that Dion wasn't standing up for his beliefs.

Throughout the Liberal leadership Dion made it clear that he knew the carbon tax was an inferior environmental policy. The carbon tax was a political gambit--an attempt to turn the election into a referendum on the environment.

It was ill conceived and badly executed, but it was a partisan gamble from the start--and to pretend now that it represented some great act of political courage is a stretch.
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