Tuesday, October 07, 2008


The Endangered Enviroment

I was reading the story about the number of endangered mammals in the world on cbc.ca/technology/story/2008/10/08mammalsthreatened and shocked by the number of mammals at risk of extinction. The main cause is human behaviour from habitat destruction to insecticides. It speaks clearly to the immediate need for a strong environmental plan to address all aspects of conservation. We must not be just concerned about the climate rming but our water supply the chemical we use daily that go into the worlds habitat. If that number of mammals are vulnerable then what about the many many smaller forms of life that make up our personal habitat.

When I see governments like the McGunity here in Ontario say they will take 15 year to come up with a plan for Northern Ontario's boreal forest while the habitat for thousands of song birds and many mammals like the woodland caribou are being decimated. You realize they just don't get it.

I bet the Conservative platform to be realsed tday will not address the enviroment satisfacrially to revese the desigration of Canada's environment.

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