Thursday, October 16, 2008


Gas Prices are a Rip Off

I just don't get it If the price of crude has dropped in half since summer to less that $70.00 why an I still paying over a $1.00 at the pumps? I should be paying only about $.64 a litre. This is a ripe off!!!

I am sure that the Harper Government will do nothing to regulate the price gouging of the oil companies. This is the new government looking out for ordinary Canadians.

I don't know how you vote but you realize that the NDP was the only party talking about gas gouging...
The price of oil is only part of the price of gasoline. Even if oil were free, gasoline would still cost money.

Thus don't expect the price of gasoline to halve when the price of oil does.

Futhermore (1) many gasoline refineries shut down during hurrican Ike, creating a minor shortage, and (2) there is a lag between changes in the price of oil and of gasoline.
It's what my mom calls a "Rape Off"

Oil Companies have been gouging us for a long time, oh but it's not collusion or a monopoly even when the prices are the same everywhere and go up and down exactly the same amount every time.
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