Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Harper Relating to Candians

Last night on CBC national Harper was interviewed by Peter Mansbridge. Now this was instead of Your Turn where everyday Canadians get to ask the questions. Mr Harper didn't want that so he would only come for and interview (Control ).The gist of the first question was how do you relate to everyday Canadians in the current circumstances. It struck me as ironic he would explain how he related when he didn't wan the Your Turn format to answer Canadian voters directly.

The icing was his comment about bargains and buying opportunities. He obviously has not been to the smaller manufacturing centres in Canada where the lead plant has down sized or shut down causing major economic and social upheaval.

Why is he so afraid to answer questions from ordinary Canadians? Maybe the media should be asking questions of his mentor Preston Manning about Stephen Harper's antipathy to speaking to ordinary Canadians. What's his problem?
Do or did Peter Mansbridge interview the other leaders?
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