Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Harper's A B T

Some of the dust has settled after the election and we now have a very clear picture of Harper's answer to Danny's ABC it is ABT (Anything but the TRUTH). Harper said the economy was sound and now he uses the "R" word. Harper said he would never have a deficit and now Flaherty tells us we can expect one. Harper ridiculed Mr Dion's plan for the economic crisis and then steals it for his plan. Note his meeting with the premiers and the bail out to the banks at the end of the campaign.

This man can not be trusted. His Government impemented massive tax cuts and went on a huge spending spree. This demolished the $12 billion surplus he inherited. The two moves undermined the ability of his Government to react in a non deficit way to the global economic restructuring without using programme cuts. I expect his ideology to lead the way with extensive social programme cuts when the country could have used intervention through extended social programmes, ie. retaining, and targeted infrastructure funding like social housing, water purification and pubic transit. Just imagine how many MIR machines we could have had for the $300 million spent on an election he legislated to be next year.

But then again this is Harper's ABT.

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