Monday, October 06, 2008


Hiding the Tory Secrests

The advanced polls have been open and we have seen many voters take advantage of them. These Canadian citizens had to vote without knowing the details and cost of what the Tories would do. Now tomorrow Mr. Harper will release the Tory platform.

I ask "Why so Late?" Maybe he will give another new date for the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Then again it maybe his new social programme focus is coming: cutting funding for social housing, employment training, UIC benefits, more of the arts, infrastructure and transit to cities, training programmes for new immigrants, firring public health officials and food inspectors, copping welfare payments and cutting health transfers to the provinces.

This seems like a solid Citizens Coalition programme to me, one Harper would early endorse.

Harper sent out an e-mail encouraging Canadians to get out and vote in the advance polls, providing useful links to get your local advance polls information. And somehow, a number of non-CPC supporters are on his mailing list.
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